Brush-Keeper Eco-Brush

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Introducing the BrushKeeper. 

Tired of using cling wrap to prevent your brush from drying out? Messy clean up of your brushes? Pressed for time and want to save time by not having to rinse out your brush after every coat? 

The BrushKeeper is the latest product out from the Netherlands that is taking the painting world by storm 

In between coats, pop your brush into the Keeper and the paint will stay moist on the brush for up to 5 days! Phone calls/interruptions, NO LONGER A PROBLEM. Clean, neat and easy. 

When you wish to clean, simply fill the Keeper with water or turps and it SELF CLEANS. 


ECO Brush:

  • Soft synthetic bristles for perfect results

  • Professional quality

  • Suitable for water-based or oil-based paint

  • Recyclable stainless steel

  • Ergonomic, light and good grip

  • Environmentally friendly - saving on brushes, recyclable stainless steel and wood, unpainted handle, very smooth

Brush Keeper:

  • Convenient storage of paint brush during paint job up to 5 days (dry) and for longer storage (months, years) fill with water (acrylic) or turpentine (alkyd) and it automatically cleans itself in a few days 

  • Also handy when climbing a ladder or for transport 

  • Protects bristles for excellent smooth result every time

  • Environmentally friendly: - recyclable PET, savings of brushes, turpentine, chemical waste and plastic. 

Available in 4 sizes.

How to Use the Brush-keeper Eco-Brush:

For a break during painting (up to 5 days), insert brush without cleaning, into the Brush keeper.  To continue painting, remove the brush with a rotating movement.

For a longer period between use or to clean, remove excess paint with a paper towel and fill 3/4 with water or turpentine.  Bristles must be covered with liquid.  Brush will be clean in a few days or shake to speed up cleaning.


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