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Tropical on Pink Rice Paper - 3 Sheets 29.99 X 32CM

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Dixie Belle - Tropical on Pink Rice Paper 3 Sheets 29.99 x 32cm

Dixie Belle Tropical on Pink Rice Paper is a finely-textured decoupage rice paper with captivating floral design of protea flowers that are found in Australia and South Africa. This is perfect to use if you want to create a unique, blended, and detailed pieces. The best feature of these decoupage rice papers is that they have little or no thickness and texture. This premium decoupage rice paper from Dixie Belle Paint is perfect for collaging and layering, as it is perfectly designed to blend flawlessly with your furniture, home décor pieces, and walls.

Dixie Belle Rice Papers are very thin fibrous papers made of premium grade materials, which makes them robust and easy to work with. These decoupage rice papers does not easily tear and allows you to experience less wrinkling. This rice paper from the Dixie Belle Belles & Whistles Stencils, Transfers and Decoupage collection is fibrous making it absorb glues and other mediums much better. Its colours are retain their vibrancy and print clearly.

This comes with 3 Sheets of 29.99cm x 32cm Dixie Belle Tropical on Pink Rice Paper Sheets. 

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