Watercolour Brush Pen Set

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  • They’re a set of 20 portable Watercolour paints in pens with brush tips, to use as an alternative to watercolour tubes of paint, jars of water and paintbrushes
  • Mess-free, non-toxic and odourless
  • Perfect for all ages. No set up required and no mess
  • Great for use outdoors. Take them on your next outdoor adventure. A great way to connect with your kids, friends or family.
  • Our products work best in bundles! Try our mixed media paper and stencils with the Watercolour Brush Pens for the ultimate watercolour painting kit 


  • The pack includes 20 vibrant and diverse colours including primary, pastel, fluorescent and natural tones
  • Includes a free refillable water brush to use for blending and creating watercolour effects
  • Recommended by artists for lettering, calligraphy, drawing, painting and colouring
  • The nylon real-brush tip are soft and respond to pressure and angle to create broad and fine strokes


Which surfaces are best suited for painting with the watercolour pens?

Mixed media paper, Quality artists paper, Watercolour paper (cold press, hot press, rough finish), Papyrus, Handmade paper, Bond paper, Calligraphy paper.

We recommend our Mixed Media Paper as a perfect companion to our brush pens. Create your own bundle and get both.


Mixed media paper for watercolour

When answering if mixed media paper is good for watercolours, we need to address the adequate use of water control.

Watercolours and watercolour pens work wonderfully on mixed media paper to create fantastic effects, as long as the artist is wary of the amount of water placed on the paper.

Practice to make sure your water control is good, and you’ll have a wonderful experience with our paper. This means, try not to make big pools of water (if it happens, pat the area dry with a paper towel) and wait for the previous layer to dry before adding extra water.

Techniques relying on copious amounts of water should be reserved for watercolour paper 300gsm and higher.


What paint is in the watercolour pens?

The watercolour brush pens are non-toxic, and filled with watercolour pigment.


What material is the brush tip?

The brush tip is made of soft, fine nylon bristles.


What is a water brush? What is the water brush used for?

Your water brush is meant to be used with water, before you use it for the first time, unscrew the cap and fill it with water.

The more pressure you apply to the flexible barrel, more water will come out. Very little water means you'll blend colours without making a splash and more water means you'll be able to make full on watercolour effects!

Each 20-colour set of Life of Colour watercolour brush pens comes with a water brush you can use for any wet technique, including the paint pens.


Wondering if anyone has tried the Life of Colour water colours on rocks yet and how did you get on with sealing afterwards?

Watercolour brush pens can be used on mat white base coated surfaces. Sealing the watercolour might reactivate the paint and cause running so please test in a small sample area to see how the sealer you have at home interacts with the watercolours.


Are the watercolour pens capable of completing fine lines, calligraphy and hand lettering?

Yes, by using gentle controlled brush strokes. Minimal pressure on the tip for fine lines and thicker strokes, holding the pen at around 30 degrees.


How to shade and blend colours using watercolour brush pens?

Blend colours by laying one shade on top of another. Work from light to dark tones. You can find an in-depth tutorial on blending and shading with brush pens here.


How can I create ombre effects?

You can touch or rub two marker tips together to create gradient or ombre effects.


Should I clean the brush tips after using them?

If you have been blending colours together or you notice discolouration on the brush tip, you should clean it.


How do I clean my brush tips?

Dip them in water and lay strokes on a scrap piece of paper until the brush tips go back to their original colour.

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